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AHSA is one of the largest buying groups for private healthcare in Australia, helping not-for-profit insurers provide the highest-quality services possible.

Our Funds

AHSA exists for our funds – we provide support and services that help them to do what they do best.

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About Us

  • Through clinical expertise and data, we focus on improving outcomes and value for all privately insured patients, ensuring they get the best quality care no matter the setting.

  • We work with the health sector – insurers, hospitals, doctors and patients. AHSA supports over 20 health insurance funds and contracts with all major hospital groups, helping Australian patients access the highest quality, best value care.

  • The funds that own us are not for profit and member-owned and put patients before profits. They provide cover for families and individuals across some of our community’s most important industries and communities from regions to the cities – from teachers to nurses, police to defence personnel.

Voice of the Patient

VOP is a major initiative of AHSA and Insight Actuaries

  • Good health care is ultimately defined by patients because it has to meet their needs – a longer and better life, alleviation of physical and mental suffering caused by disease, and a sense of wellbeing that enables the fullest possible participation in life – at work, at play and with their families.

  • Understanding and measuring the patient’s perspective is essential for determining the true value of healthcare. It provides a unique perspective on the patient experience that is often overlooked in traditional healthcare measures. When measured, evaluated, and articulated correctly, patient-reported data provides the most accurate reflection of the value of healthcare services.

  • The inclusion and detailed consideration of patient-reported data and the outputs represent what patients genuinely value and experience when seeking care. It represents focused and first-hand information from the most valuable stakeholder in the healthcare market – the patient.

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